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:winner: It is that time of the Month - time to announce the winner of the Member of the Month for OrchidTalk for May 2012. This month's winner has moved so many people with her kindness and is noted for always being among the first to answer orchid growing questions from our newest members. I am thrilled to announce that Kathi (Kmac) is our Winner of the Member of the Month for May 2012!


Here is what a few of the members had to say when nominating Kathi ....

"Kathi is always among the first posts to welcome a new member. Her advice is great and, for a newbie like me, easy to follow."

"Like the majority of us on the forum Kathy has grown so much since she joined. She offers great advice and is very kind in doing so. Her collection and knowledge has grown and she has become such a valuable member. I love the excitement she shows in all her threads and posts. She treacly deserves to be the motm."

"Kathi has been a regular on the forum and shares really stunning orchids that she grows beautifully. She also usually amongst the first people you chime in when beginners need advice. She is very well deserving of this award."

and the praise goes on and on....

:awesome: Congratulations Kathi!!! Thank you for working so hard to in this community and helping us achieve our mission of "Bringing People together to Grow Orchids Better".

Read Kathi's Interview here!


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